Domino Paper by Rossi 1931

The design harkens back to a time when simple, classic styles were popular, and the clean lines and bold contrast of the tiles can give a room a timeless, elegant feel.

Printed in Florence (Italy)

The paper sheet is made from 100% cotton in Fabriano. Every single sheet is individually made in the vat using the ancient techniques handed down over the centuries by the paper-makers. This is why we can guarantee a final product of high quality, which is ecologically pure, made without optical brighteners or chemical additives and with a neutral pH value that guarantees its long-term durability.

Every sheet of our domino paper is printed in Florence – Italy with engraved plates and enhanced with stenciled colors.

Our whole production is made by hand and in limited edition; irregularities can appear, proof of their authenticity.


Reproductions from 19th century

D 01

Geometric / Rhombus

D 02

Geometric / Arabesque

D 03

Geometric / Square

D 04


D 05

Geometric / Floral


1 Sheet


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